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plico foldable urban helmet

The plico is a lightweight urban, commuter helmet with a unique, patented, multi-piece design which allows the helmet to compact for easier carry and storage – delivering ‘safety with convenience’. We manufacture in an eco-friendly manner by producing our helmets from recycled EPS.

No clips, clasps or locks are required to be fastened – just pull it apart and wear. Discretely positioned, in-molded, magnets hold the helmet in its folded state when not being worn. Although innovative in its design, plico doesn’t not compromise on safety and is impact test certified for European (EN1078) and North American (CPSC) standards.

The unique design additionally allows the helmet to mould itself to the rider’s head, providing a truly snug fit and also channelling airflow to the scalp – something which has been a negative design aspect for urban helmets in the past. A size adjustment system makes it possible to tailor the fit of the helmet to ensure the best possible fit.

A chin strap cushion prevents irritation and allows the strap to be tightly secured, whilst a rear anchor provides an attachment point for a clip-on light for increasing visibility when riding at dusk, or dawn. plico’s 5 colours are bold, providing ‘safety in colour’ for urban riders.

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The plico model is designed to remove some of the hassles of carrying a bike helmet, but what isn't removed is the safety integrity you’d expect from a traditional helmet. LID’s helmets have achieved independent safety certification for European (EN1078) and North American (CPSC) standards.

There is often a misconception that safety helmets must be a one-piece design in order to absorb an impact and protect the skull. This isn't the case. In fact, many motorcycle helmets are made from strips of EPS at the protective core, covered by a thin, one-piece outer shell. 

Each helmet segment in plico's multi-piece design has its own independent ability to absorb impact, thereby protecting the rider's skull. One of the most important factor's to ensure a helmet is protecting a rider's head is the fit...



plico's multi-piece design allows the helmet to shape itself to the rider's head, providing a truly snug fit. Unlike most one-piece urban helmet designs, the plico helmet channels airflow to the scalp, preventing the head from overheating.

The 4-notch adjustable fit system allows the rider to tailor the fit within the helmet size range. Padding on chin strap buckle, preventing irritating 'strap burn'.




Let's face it, not much has changed with bike helmet designs in recent years. Some cyclists choose to ride without a helmet because of the inconvenience, lack of comfort and style. LID understands this, which is why we’ve created plico.



Technical Features

  • Multi-piece design allows for cascading compactability

  • Multi-piece design, which moulds itself to different head shapes, providing a truly snug fit

  • Multi-piece design produces channelled airflow to the scalp, keeping the head cool

  • High-performance EPS liner, optimised in density

  • Full-Wrap in-mold polycarbonate shell

  • Ultrasuede Padding

  • 4-notch size adjustment system

  • Chin straps moulded into liner

  • Padding for chin strap buckle, preventing strap burn

  • Colours: Lime Green, Orange, White, Black, Pink

  • Finish: Matte

  • Rear anchor for a clip-on light to be secured to the helmet for dusk / dawn riding

  • Manufactured from recycled EPS, thereby working towards a greener planet


Tested to global safety testing standards, LID’s compactable plico helmet is easy to take with you anywhere. Our helmets pass the safety certification requirements of both the European (EN1078) standard the North America (CPSC) standard.


Weight: 410 grams


All helmets are design to adjust to fit a range of head sizes.

Metric: 55-58cm
USA: 21 5/8" - 22 7/8"
Hat Size: 6 3/4 - 7 1/4

Fit Guide

To make sure you get the right size and instructions on how to fit and adjust the helmet properly, please watch our Fit Guide video.

Watch our Fit Guide video