About LID Helmets

LID Helmets has created the ultimate urban bike helmet

Safe. Simple. Compact

LID’s mission is to help more city-commuters transition out of vehicle transport and onto bikes, moving towards a zero-emission urban society.

Many commuters elect not to cycle due to safety concerns. For commuters who do cycle, a common complaint is the inconvenience of helmets and their lack of style and comfort. LID has been specifically designed for these riders and potential riders.


Our Solution

The global population is rising, putting pressure on the transport systems in large cities, causing rising congestion and pollution. Additionally, worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980 and is now catching tobacco related fatalities as the Number 1 killer of adults.

Cities across the globe are embracing cycling as the natural off-set to these issues, with bike-share systems being implemented and cycle-lanes laid at an impressive rate. LID looks to embrace this movement away from a polluted urban society - to a more sustainable, healthy environment. 


Created by an urban cyclist

LID Helmets is the vision of Sam Terry, its Founder. Sparked by his concern over the lack of helmet use on London's bike-share during his bike commutes, the idea to design a bike helmet, which combines convenience with safety and style, came to Sam in 2011. In 2015, Sam decided to fully dedicate his time to bringing LID Helmets to life.

Launching the first LID Helmet model in 2017, our ambition is to be the Number 1 urban cycle safety brand.


Recycled materials

At LID, we have chosen to manufacturer our helmets from recycled expanded polystyrene - the main component for producing safety helmets. Although this is a more costly manufacturing process, working towards a sustainable future is an ethos at the core of the LID brand. 

The polystyrene is initially used in packaging delicate auto parts by a leading US auto manufacturer. The packaging is then collected, compressed and reformulated into pellets which can be expanded to the required density for making our safety helmets. The impact absorption properties of the recycled EPS match those of the primary market option. 



LID Helmets has been developed to reduce some of the inconveniences of carrying and storing bike helmets. In doing so, we hope to encourage more commuters to get out of vehicles and onto bikes and that LID will become their head protection brand of choice.



Despite its unique folding design, LID Helmets do not compromise on safety integrity, having been through extensive impact testing and achieving safety certification in Europe (EN1078) and North America (CPSC). 



Some people refuse to wear cycle helmets because they consider them uncomfortable, unstylish and an inconvenience to their busy lives. LID Helmets is changing that.